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6 reasons why a blog can boost your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of those things we hear about but don’t really know about… Which is totally understandable because there are so many parts to it. Trying to explain the 'ins and outs' of SEO can be a snooze fest, so we’re here to explore one area that can help boost your SEO and that’s blog writing.

Blog writing has so many advantages for a business. It keeps your audience engaged, it offers valuable content and it keeps your website updated. But one thing it can really optimize, if it’s done right is your SEO and how you rank on search engines.

In today’s saturated online world, it can be difficult to nab those top spots on a search engine, so ensuring your content is optimized is key in ranking higher organically.

Here are 6 reasons why a blog can boost your SEO:

It keeps things fresh

Once you have your website established, odds are it doesn’t often get updated. You have your services, home page and about section laid out – what’s left to update. Sure, every so often you can update a few words / dates here and there but ultimately it doesn’t get much love after it’s been pushed live. A blog can keep things fresh and new on your website. It offers relevant and timely content that is valuable to the reader. Not only is it specific to your business, but it gives ‘website crawlers’ a reason to keep searching your site and pulling those specific keywords that people are searching for. It gives you the opportunity to grow organically and reach a wider audience.

It allows others to link to your site

When you write blogs that offer informative and valuable content to people, it opens the door to other websites (businesses, bloggers etc…) to share your content. If they see your content as relevant to their audience, they might share your content and promote it on their platform. Their following now becomes your following and it gives search engines another reason to rank your website higher and reach a larger audience.

It gives you the chance to connect with your audience

The content you have on your website determines the type of relationship you have with your audience. If your content is stale, full of jargon or all over the place – chances are you’ll lose a lot of interest quickly. It’s important to optimize your content and ensure your audience can engage with your message. When you post blogs that are relevant and valuable to your audience, it will grow your relationship with them and create a loyal following.

It enables you to pump up your keywords

Similar to keeping things fresh on your website, a blog allows you to pump up your keywords on your site. The main way for you to rank higher in search engines is to have relevant keywords that people are searching for. The problem is, there are hundreds of other people possibly doing the same thing as you – so how do you rank higher than the next person. If you are someone who sells travel accessories, adding words relevant to travel will only get you so far because there are thousands of other websites that reference the word ‘travel’. You can only add so much content to your website without sounding repetitive. This is where the blog comes in handy. Use your blog to promote travel accessories and eventually search engines will pick up longer keyword sentences that people are searching for (versus one word). You’ll be able to reach a specific audience and rank higher with those terms.

It optimizes your images

Images on your website are a great way to engage and create a visually appealing space for your audience. Adding images in your blog is great as visual breaks for the reader but it can also boost your SEO. Search engines also browse images especially if they are optimized. Make sure that your images are saved and uploaded with keywords in the title and ensure your alt text gives a good description of the image. This will add some ‘behind the scenes’ keyword optimization to your website.

It allows you to leverage Social Media

Social signals are included in the algorithm for ranking on search engines. So, make sure on your website you are adding Social Media sharing on your pages. This allows others to share your content easily on multiple platforms, but it also gives the ability to search engines to capture your social spaces and help boost your ranking. The more content associated with your website, the better you’ll do at showing up on top!

SEO is a competitive game that is constantly evolving. Staying relevant and on top can be difficult to manage when others are doing the same thing as you. Work at it in small steps and overtime you’ll see your website grow organically. Using blogs to help boost your SEO can be a great way to offer valuable content and rank higher to reach a larger audience.

Are you interested in starting a blog but not sure what to write about? We’re always happy to help strategize with you and even write content to help boost your SEO. Send us a DM or email us at

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