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7 photo editing apps we can’t live without!

Smartphones have come a long way ladies and gentlemen and you no longer need a super high-tech, expensive camera to capture that perfect shot. It’s becoming so easy to snap and go using the camera you have at your fingertips.

With great smartphone pictures comes great photo editing apps! There are so many great free apps out there that allow you to edit your photo to get it exactly the way you want it to be. Whether that’s fixing the brightness, removing unwanted objects or removing red-eye – you name it, an app has got it.

We’re here to share our 7 photo editing apps we can’t live without.


First and foremost, Planoly – our Instagram save and Grace. This app is a time saver when you connect it to your Instagram. First it will upload your current Instagram feed and all the pictures you’ve posted. Then you’ll be able to upload photos and make sure they fit well in your feed before posting. Once you’re happy, you can schedule a time to post and let Planoly do the work – you can create your caption, upload stories, add hashtags all within the app.


This is another great app that can connect to your Instagram and let you plan out your feed. One of the benefits of the Preview app, is that it comes with a variety of preset filters you can use on your pictures. This allows you to keep all your images looking the same and create an aesthetically pleasing feed.


Tezza is a great app to create amazing Instagram stories. It comes with a series of templates that you can plug in your photos and create a fun theme. It also comes with really good presets (some of our favs) that you can customize even more when you select it.


Taking it way back with the Huji app. Remember those old-school disposable cameras that you’d bring to parties? Well, now you have it in app form. Huji app literally opens up and looks like the old camera and you even have to bring your eye close to the lens to make sure you’re getting the shot. Once it’s captured, it adds a date and that old style, vintage filter on your pictures.


The Unfold app is great for creating a series of stories! If you’ve attended an event or want to capture your day – you can use the templates they’ve provided and create really pretty stories. Add colour, text and blocks of pictures to create your stories. Once you’re done, you can post it directly to Instagram if your account is linked.


This is a classic and everyone and their sister has had the VSCO app at one point or another. It’s your go to app for editing pictures and creating presets. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, remove objects, add filters and so much more to perfect your photo. One thing that they’ve recently added is the DSCO cam. It turns a series of still-images into video, so essentially a GIF program and gives this vintage vibe to your photos/videos. It’s all the rave right now.


This is the latest craze – the mobile version of the Adobe Lightroom program. It’s actually amazing. We are still figuring out the ins and outs of it, but overall it does it all. You can fully edit your pictures with filters, adjustments, removing objects or even adding objects. It’s jam-packed with everything you need in one app.

We are constantly trying out new apps to make our life easy when it comes to creating beautiful photos. These are some of our favs that we use on the daily! What are some apps that you use to create stunning pictures?

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