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Exciting things in 2020!

Who else can’t believe it’s actually 2020, a new decade! Social Media has been buzzing with the excitement around a new year and all the amazing things people are itching to do. Not that a new year should be the only reason to try new things and push yourself, but it’s a great excuse for a clean slate and to get the hustle going.

We are so excited to see all our fellow boss babes crush some goals for 2020 and we’re also excited for our own.

We are grateful for everything that happened in 2019 – we grew more than we could have ever imagined, we met so many amazing women and even made some really great friendships. We grew as individuals and became stronger as a team. We learned new skills and put ourselves outside our comfort zones. We wrote a whole blog post reflecting on 2019, so feel free to give it a read!

The thing is, had we set out goals for last year, it wouldn’t have mattered because 2019 completely surpassed our expectations. The new year is a great time to set some intentions for yourself and your business, but you don’t need to get so specific you limit yourself from what you’re capable of.

For 2020 we definitely have some goals in mind, but we’re mostly excited to see where this year takes us and how we grow through challenges.

So instead of sharing specific goals, let’s just share some things were excited for this year!

More meetups!

OUR FAV! Last year we met up with so many amazing women and made some great connections. While we love meeting for one-on-one chats over coffee (or wine) – we would love to organize monthly meetups to get everyone together and connect one another.

Host another event

We hosted our first event in 2019 which was a HUGE success and had so much fun bringing everyone together. We had a second one planned for the end of the year but after quite a few messages from people saying they couldn’t attend because it was a busy time of year – we decided to postpone to 2020. So, we’re excited to host our second event (officially) and bring likeminded people together.

Continue to grow as a brand and a business

We’ve grown so much over the last year and can’t believe how much we accomplished. We’re excited to bring that momentum into 2020 and continue to grow the brand and the business. We would love to get to a place where we do more creative work for our clients and work with businesses that align with our core values.

Run a 6-week workshop

We’ve put out some feelers on IG to see if you guys would be interested in a 6-week workshop and the feedback has been extremely positive. We’re working to create 6 modules that will help you grow your business online and learn the digital tools to make it happen. When we started MP, our goal was not only to work with businesses and help them grow but through the process we teach them the self-serve tools that can take their business to the next level, empowering them to not be afraid of digital marketing or a saturated market. Our goal with the workshop is to help creatives, makers and entrepreneurs learn the tools and tactics to grow their business online.

Those are a few of our ‘exciting’ things for 2020 and we’re so excited to see what else is in store for us. We’d love to hear about some goals you’ve made for yourself or some exciting things you’re looking forward to this year – so let us know!

Cheers to 2020!

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