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How to beat 'freelancer’s loneliness'

So, you’ve officially done what you’ve worked so hard to do. All the extra hours of side hustling on top of your 40-hour workweek have paid off. You’ve quit your day-to-day job to work for yourself – yay!

Let’s take a moment to cheers you!

The grind doesn’t stop – if anything you are probably working longer and harder because this is your baby; your pride and joy! But, the days are sometimes quieter now that you work solo. From your gossipy office to your home office, it can be a big shift.

We’ve talked to so many entrepreneurs and freelancers out there, and you’re not alone. Feeling isolated is common when working for yourself but there are things you can do to bring more interaction, routine and happiness into your daily grind.

Go to a coffee shop

Yes, you’ll be sitting at a tiny table and have limited outlets but there’s something about working and being around other humans. Keep the balance of having quiet time in your home office but incorporate some time spent in public, sipping a yummy latte. The people watching is good and you might even find some inspiration.

Get your body moving

One of the perks of working for yourself is that you get to make your own schedule. Book some time into your day to go for a walk or hit the gym. Sitting and staring at a screen for 8+ hours a day isn’t beneficial to your work or your body. Physical exercise not only has a ton of health benefits but it also boosts brainpower, reduces stress and releases endorphins that create feelings of happiness – and who doesn’t like to feel happy?!

Book in-person meetings

The natural and easy thing to do is to book your meetings over the phone and/or video conferencing. You can stay in your pajamas, skip the traffic and save on travel time/mileage. We get it! However, in-person meetings improve your productivity and efficiency while working. Often, things can get lost in translation so having that face-to-face interaction can close the gap of miscommunication. It helps you and your client develop a deeper level of trust and transparency, which is imperative for strong business relationships.

Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are booming in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. More and more like-minded people want to be inspired and work alongside other bosses like you. The location changes from time to time but it’s a community of freelancers and entrepreneurs all looking for that daily connection. Not only does it provide a huge creativity boost, it’s a chance to meet new people and bounce ideas off each other. Check out the Coworkers Collective and Maker’s Collective on social to join the community!

Collaborate with others

Yes, you’re a boss and you can do it all yourself – your hard work and success speaks for itself. But, there’s nothing wrong with collaborating with other makers, creators and innovators to give you that inspiration and creativity you need. Support other local bosses by letting them support you. We are a community of go-getters, so working alongside each other is empowering!

Make a call

And we don’t mean a business call. Schedule some time in your day to call a family member, your partner or a friend. It’s good to break up your day with a conversation unrelated to work. Similar to the expression of “taking a step back” – take your eyes/ears/mind off your work for a 30-minute catch-up chat and come back to your project. You’ll be looking at it with a fresh set of eyes and maybe even some inspo.

So remember, you’re not alone! Our community is filled with other freelancers and entrepreneurs hustling day in and day out. You work hard, so don’t let the loneliness and isolation bring you down. It’s easy to get caught up in your work and before you know it you haven’t talked to a human in 8 hours and the fridge is your new BFF – so make sure you are scheduling your time to benefit yourself. Boost your creativity and productivity by incorporating a few of these tricks into your day and you’ll be a happier, hard-working boss in no time!

We're always looking to create and collaborate with other boss babes, so send us a DM or email us at to chat.

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