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MP Local: Brooklynn Boyer

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Today's local boss babe is an exciting one (well, aren't they always?). Brooke is passionate, a hustler and as fierce as they get when it comes to entrepreneurship. She was actually someone who helped us during the beginning stages of Mint and Poppy! We've attended numerous Ladies who L(a)unch events - and everything she describes the event to be is true. The events are geared towards empowering women, and bringing a community of women together in a comfortable safe space. We've made so many amazing connections, all thanks to Brooke!

We are so excited to be able to feature her on today's MP local blog and can't wait for you to get to know her more. So, without further ado... meet Brooklynn!

Name: Brooklynn Boyer (aka b-boy)

Title: founder, marketer, builder, curious cat

Your elevator pitch:

I love everything under the advertising and digital marketing budget, I’ve learnt it all, built it all and now I do it for clients under my own agency. But to get here, I met a lot of people, learnt from their mistakes, my mistakes and understood their stories uniquely to them.

Ladies who L(a)unch grew out of the way ladies network in our community. We cut out the mundane and often useless elevator pitch and gave an opportunity for ladies to connect on a more genuine level, learning something every time they come out and enjoying good food & wine while doing so!

One word to explain yourself:


Why did you choose that word?

I’m always thinking of ways to do something that will disrupt the current market. Whether it be a product, service or process - I’m always spitting out ideas and thinking of new business venture, both big and small... that doesn’t mean they should all go to market ;)

Why did you start the business that you did and what was the inspiration or reasoning of how it came it life?

Ladies who L(a)unch started out of the need to switch up the way we (as ladies) network. Whether you’re attending an event to meet your new BFF, your future business partner or a client - we want it to be enjoyable, authentic and worth your time. I’ve attended countless hours of networking events both in KW and out, I’ve handed out 100s of business cards and seen a crazy amount of people trying to pitch me or point me in the “right” direction... I haven’t connected with a single one of them. Ladies who L(a)unch doesn’t have a single goal other than connecting ladies in a safe and meaningful way. We get messages everyday of ladies getting drinks and gathering together all thanks to meeting at our events - that truly warms my heart and keeps me going.

First thought when you officially became your own boss:

Holy shit this is a breath of fresh air.

Don’t get me wrong, entrepreneurial ship is not for everyone. But those it is for, it’s like a burning fire inside of you that you can’t let out until you do it for yourself. When you first become your own boss, it feels good because you’ve done something for you - it’s scary, exhilarating and liberating.

When you're not hustling, what do you do in your free time?

Building ladies who launch, renovating my house, browsing local real estate, spinning, hiking and traveling... all while putting out fires and taking on client questions. I don’t think free time truly exists when you’ve built your own biz, and I’m OK with that.

Describe a day in your life:

Get up early, drink my coffee in bed and reply to emails, schedule my day, make lists, set my intentions, and.... GO!

What is your biggest accomplishment?

I would say there are two, but they both involve a big ol’ fat cheque;

Getting my first real pay cheque under my business (and I mean a Gucci amount, not some hourly rate)

Buying, flipping and staging my first house. The sale was sad but holy shiz the work paid off and the payoff let me go HAM at my business even if I never made another cent again

What are your top three bucket list items:

Ironically I did a “senior speech” in grade 12 on my bucket list, so I’ll share that:

Build or invent something ✔️

See the aurora borealis (aka northern lights) ✔️

Start a family ✖️ it’s in the books but not quite yet

What or who inspires you to keep doing what you're doing?

My family.

I come from a line of entrepreneurs - both men and women. They both inspire me and help me keep going. They help me through the hard times and they celebrate the good times.

They understand the ups and downs, and they’re along for the ride.

What is your spirit animal and why?

Never really thought of this. I think I’d be a lion. They’re serious and scary as all hell but deep down they’re gentle and kind and always surrounded by family. When they need to they also can take a BITE out of whatever steps in their way.

What is your daily mantra?

Let’s get shit done.

What are some tips and tricks you use to stay motivated?

As shallow as it sounds - nice things. Both material and not. I love to travel, I love good food, wine, and I like to be financially stable and free on my own terms. I think the trend of freelancing and startups is allowing a lot of people to make decent income while living a flexible lifestyle, but to have something that lasts, you have to build it beyond the money. So to know that I will have something that still continues to grow when I walk away was the biggest motivator in the early days, and I’ve looked to real estate to help continue that “passive income” for the safety of it. Money drives most people, but passion and the entrepreneurial fire is what keeps me going. It has to be REAL inside of you.

3 things I would say to someone starting out:

- Nobody can do this for you but yourself

- There’s always someone better than you and there’s always someone worse, how are you going to stand out

- Done is better than perfect; don’t obsess over something, just get it done

What is the biggest lesson you've learned along the way?

Never think you’re done learning. As soon as you close yourself off to being curious and learning from others - you’re stale and will become irrelevant really quickly.

What’s next for you?

I’d love love LOVE to grow Ladies who L(a)unch into something profitable, not just for myself but for the ladies of our community. I’d love to be able to host bosses like Michelle Romanow (I have a serious crush on her) or OPRAH at our events. I’d also love for these events to be meaningful to more ladies in the communities - all ages, careers, interests, etc.

How can our readers find you?



Well, after reading that - you seriously can't help but feel motivated to get out there and get it done. She is the definition of someone who gets after it and makes no excuses to create the life she wants to live.

We are constantly looking to promote local businesses and freelancers in the community, so if you are interested in sharing a bit about your life and your journey, send us a DM or email us at

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