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MP Local: Caitlin Mulroney

Today's MP local features someone we've run into at many events in the #kwawesome community and when we do, she is always dressed to impress! Her fashion is amazing and not only does she look the part but her side-hustle focuses on helping people who have an open dress code policy and aren't quite sure what that means or how to dress for work!

She is such an inspo in this community and always has the friendliest smile on her face (just look at that photo!). We are so excited to feature Caitlin on today's blog: she talks about the importance of working hard but prioritizing what you value, her daily mantra (that we totally resonate with), and more. So without further ado... meet Caitlin!

Name: Caitlin Mulroney

Your title: Founder of My Tech Wardrobe

Your elevator pitch:

I run My Tech Wardrobe, which is an Instagram account about what to wear when your work dress code is casual, building confidence as a young professional, and supporting local businesses.

One word to describe yourself:


Why did you choose that word?

I’m determined because I typically approach problems with the mindset that I can solve them. It may not be easy and it may take time and require some failure along the way, but I’m confident that I can find a solution.

Why did you start the business that you did and what was the inspiration or reasoning of how it came it life?

When I began my career in the tech industry almost three years ago, I noticed that there wasn’t a lot of clarity regarding dress code. The dress code was “open” and “casual”, but I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant-how casual is casual? I started My Tech Wardrobe because I was finally in a place where I felt comfortable enough with my own style to share it with others.

I specifically wanted to help provide some guidelines for others who are entering a casual work environment for the first time, perhaps directly out of school or from a business professional environment. Whether the casual industry you’re entering is tech, non-profit, or simply a workplace that’s relaxing its’ dress code, I hoped to be able to provide some inspiration for what that type of wardrobe could look like.

First thought when you officially became your own boss:

While I still have a full time role in tech, running My Tech Wardrobe has been a welcome creative project for me. My first thought when it started taking off was “why didn’t I do this sooner?!”

When you’re not hustling, what do you do in your free time?

Since starting My Tech Wardrobe during my full time job my free time has become pretty limited, but when I do have it, I love exploring new local restaurants and attractions.

When I’m at home though, watching selections from my classic film collection is my favourite hobby!

Describe a day in your life:

My weekdays tend to be long. I’ll wake up around 5:45 am to get a workout in, eat breakfast, and get ready for the day. I’m at my desk at work by 8 am and pause for a break for lunch around noon and try to get out around downtown Kitchener for a walk until 1 PM.

From there, my work day ends around 5 and then I’ll often have an event to attend throughout the week. The great thing about this region is that there is always so much going on. There are some weeks that I have a speaking event or poetry reading or party on every night. When the events are over though, I try to get to sleep before 10-I always prioritize a good night’s sleep!

What is your biggest accomplishment?

A big accomplishment for me was getting to be on a segment for the local CBC radio show with Craig Norris last year. I had never been on the radio before and it was something that my family was able to tune in to, which was really fun.

What are your top 3 bucket list items?

1. Publish at least one book

2. Present a Ted Talk

3. Spend Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts

What or who inspires you to keep doing what you’re doing?

The people who I’ve met through Instagram inspire me most to keep creating content. When I meet people in person who have connected with my content and found some value in it, all of the extra time I put into it feels worth it. Even if I’m having a terrible day, a nice comment in-person at an event or on one of my posts helps a lot.

What animal do you relate with and why?

A cat, for sure. I just admire their laissez faire approach to life.

What is your daily mantra?

Work hard. Try your best.

What are some tips and tricks you use to stay motivated?

It can be difficult to stay motivated sometimes, but what helps me most is to try to balance my life out. I think of activities in terms of what charges my battery and what drains it. When you can identify what type of work brings you energy and what drains you, you can prioritize your work more effectively.

If the work I have to get done is something that drains me, I always try to balance it out with things that energize me. I’m very extroverted, which means that going to events and being around people energizes me. So if I’m heads down working at my desk alone all day, I make sure to go to an event in the evening. You just have to find what works for you through a process of trial and error.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt along the way?

I’ve learned that the best thing you can do is be kind to yourself. My number one critic is myself, so this year has been a process of being nicer and not holding myself to impossible standards. My rule is that if what I’m criticizing myself for isn’t kind words that I would say to a friend, I cut off that thinking right away.

What’s next for you?

I have a few speaking engagements coming up for the Fall on fashion. Stay tuned to Instagram and my website for the info!

How can our readers find you?

@mytechwardrobe on instagram

Caitlin Mulroney on LinkedIn

We'll be glued to her social feed looking for inspo from her Fall fashion wardrobe. Seriously, go check out her website and Instagram and try not to get lost in her amazing pictures!

We are constantly looking to promote local businesses and freelancers in the community, so if you are interested in sharing a bit about your life and your journey, send us a DM or email us at

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