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MP Local: Hustl + Flow

Well, to say we got our ass kicked is an understatement. We finally checked out the new fitness hot spot in town: Hustl + Flow. It wasn’t hard to imagine what the experience would look or feel like because it seems like every second person on our IG feed has been raving about the vibe.

So, as local lovers and supporters - we checked it out for ourselves. What better way to kick start your week than a spin class, right? Let us hit you with the full experience, from the moment we arrived to leaving shaky leg’d.

We walked in with the usual ‘first time’ jitters… one of us even a first timer to spin. “Are we dressed appropriately? What’s the vibe going to be like? Are we early/late? Are we going to die?” You know, common questions you ask yourself before trying something new.

We were immediately greeted with friendly faces eager to show us around and get us started. We weren’t shy to express it was our first time (and maaaybbeee we were a little nervous). Let us just tell you, there was no need to be nervous because the energy in there is electric. The staff and the local hustlers were so welcoming and genuinely seemed pumped we were there and excited for us to be taking on our first Hustl + Flow spin class.

Before we go into detail about the class (and how we got our ass kicked), let’s talk about the space… oh my god, the space! Every detail is so unique and made the entire experience feel so welcoming. The women’s change room is fully stocked with post-sweat necessities and features a trendy accent wall for the perfect pre-workout selfie. Throughout the space, you’ll see cute greenery that makes it feel so warm and cozy along with motivational quotes that amp you right up. Our favourite was the community zen den, yes you heard us right… zeeenn deeen. Enjoy a Good Vibes Juice from downstairs, mingle, work, chill, connect and collaborate - it’s a space meant to bring people together.

Now for the sweat sesh. First off, shout out to Dan for pushing us further than we even thought we could go. We didn’t think we’d ever hear ourselves say a spin class flew by. We wanted more! The room is dark with the perfect amount of undertone lighting so you don’t feel on the spot - you are in the zone. The energy in the room is high - everyone is jacked up going to their own speed, in their own way and doing what feels good for them. You go to the beat of the music and you’re at a 10/10 on the badass level. You’re moving, riding, pumping, lifting all to what makes your body ignite and feel good. You push yourself to new levels, surprising yourself as each song goes by. You really do ride to come alive.

When the class ended, we did a quick cool down and of course, like any good workout, you’re basically jello - a job well done. Dan was kind enough to give us a tour of the space and explain the other workouts and different types of instructors at Hustl + Flow. We can’t wait to try them all!

After grabbing a juice from Good Vibes, we left feeling challenged, energized and badass. Waterloo is booming and the local community is constantly looking for spaces to connect and ignite their passions. This is exactly the type of space that promotes and inspires growth in people. We cannot say enough about our experience and we will definitely be back. Be sure to check them out and reach out if you want to do a class together!

Happy Hustl’innnn.