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Why you should support local businesses

As local lovers and supporters, it’s easy for us to shine the light on small businesses. There are so many reasons why we should support local, but many don’t know the true impact it has on a small business owner.

Choosing to support a small business over larger chain stores has so many benefits and were here to share a few.

You care about your community

When you support local businesses, you are essentially supporting your community. It shows you care about your neighbourhood and the businesses that help it grow. It means something to business owners – more than just a sale, when you shop from them. It’s easy to buy from big box chains, so choosing to shop locally and support your neighbours is priceless.

You’ll get unique products

What makes local businesses so special, is that they bring a variety of uniqueness to the community. You’re able to find items that are one of kind or local to your community only. In a larger chain store, products are made with speed, ‘cheaper materials’ and they are essentially – all the same. When you shop local, you get a product that someone put their heart into.

They bring you an experience, not just a product

It’s easy to see the difference between shopping locally and shopping at a bigger box store. The experience is worth the trip to a small business. You are normally greeted with a friendly face, genuinely asked how they can help you and leaving pleasantly satisfied. In a larger chain, you go in, you walk out, and you usually leave frustrated at the lack of customer service or the busy crowds.

You are giving people jobs

When you support a local business, you’re giving someone a job. You are supporting someone’s business and their family. There’s something special about knowing you had something to do with being a part of someone’s life by supporting their business.

They make your neighbourhood healthy

It brings a sense of community and love for your neighbourhood. There’s a reason you see so many people passionate about the #KWcommunity, it’s because we have invested so much time and support to build up our local businesses. It makes the neighbourhood healthy and gives a feeling of support and belonging.

They care about you

As much as you care about supporting them, they care about you more. There is so much that goes in to starting a business, a lot that we don’t even see when you walk into a beautiful store. Business owners have put so much of their ‘blood, sweat and tears’ into creating an enjoyable experience for you. They truly do care about your business and the support you bring to their shop.

You support your local economy

Local businesses are the backbone of our economy. It’s a lot better for your community financially to support local rather than bigger box chains. You ensure a strong and sustainable economy when you shop local. By shopping locally, you are putting money into businesses, restaurants, services, which then gets circulated again and again – allowing your community to thrive.

Supporting local is so important, but more than that – it shows that you support your community. That’s not to say you can never shop at a bigger box chain, we all do! But when you can take the time to invest in local businesses, you’ll invest in your community and make your city thrive.

Happy shopping!

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