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4 ways you should be setting boundaries in your business

08 // 11 // 2021

When we work for ourselves, it's easy to overwork - plain and simple.

When we first start our business, it’s super easy to develop some bad habits. Waaaay easier than you think!

Working hours on end, being available all the time, over-delivering and never saying no - are not characteristics of good habit making, and plus no one likes a burnout... but if we're not careful, those habits can carry on with us as our business grows - yikes!

It's important as business owners to set strong boundaries for the sake of our business, and more importantly, your mental health.

Having trouble setting those totally necessary boundaries? Here are some habits you can incorporate into your business for the sake of your sanity:

Stopping at a Certain Time

Coming from someone who had and might still have a hard time closing my laptop for the night, you shouldn’t take this lightly... Making sure that you are creating a healthy work-life balance, and shutting off work when it's time to shut off, is already setting you up for 100% success - it shows that you respect your clients as well as yourself.

I know- there will ALWAYS be something to do in your business - it’s impossible to do it all in one day/night!

Saying No to Clients That Don’t Align

There’s this huge fear around saying no to a lead - like when will the next one come around, but for one, it’s important to work with people you align with and that fall into your niche, and two, you need to have an abundance mindset, meaning you shouldn’t worry about turning down a potential client, because you know an even better one, with the same values as you, will be right around the corner!

So, as hard as it is to give up that paycheque, saying no is the right thing to do for your business, both long and short term.

Setting Expectations With Clients

Clients often feel like you work for them like a 9-5, but the reality is you have more clients you're doing work for as well - not even taking your own business into account... so it's important to set those expectations ahead of time.

Including the specific hours you work for them, how you communicate, when deliverables are due/will be shared!

Being Clear On When Deliverables are Due

If a client sees something, they might say "hey can we do this" when you're neck deep in the project (or another project) and, naturally we want to please the client and just do it - JUST STOP!

Maybe it won’t even take 5 minutes to complete, but it's important to outline the deliverables (what's included and what isn't) from the very beginning. That way if it ever does happen where they ask for more, you can reference that document and request payment for the extra services you’re providing.

I know each and every business owner who’s reading this right now has crossed, or just totally disregarded their own boundaries in their own business before… But, that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent it in the future!

Changing habits is one thing, but trying to unlearn a bad one is a whole other story!

By implementing these 4 tips in your business, and with a little bit of practice, I promise you, you will be setting boundaries like a pro!

How do you set boundaries in your business?