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6 tips to create quality content

24 // 10 // 2021

Posting quality content is so important for your brand - not only does it make your brand look professional but it ups your game as a business owner. When your content is clean, clear and actionable, you’ll see organic growth in your audience. You don’t have to be a professional photographer or expert graphic designer to create strong, valuable content – here are 6 tips to create quality content.

1. Make sure your images are clear

This is a must. Smartphones have come a long and the quality of the pictures captured are at a high enough resolution that people will wonder what type of high-tech camera they were taken on. Take advantage of your surroundings and aim to take your pictures during the day when sunlight is at its prime. Natural lighting will bring out the clarity of your photos and give them a crisp look. Play around with the settings while taking the photo and aim for optimal brightness – taping around to focus the image will ensure you are getting the highest quality photo.

2. Stay consistent

Make sure you content has a theme – whether it’s a colour, a pattern or a ‘vibe’. Keep it consistent. There are a few different ways to stay consistent with your content, one being a content calendar. You can read all about why creating a content calendar is an essential part of your business on our blog. You can also use different free apps like Tezza, Preview and PS Express to edit your photos with filters to ensure your content has the same look and feel.

3. Be original

The biggest selling point for your business is to be authentic and original. People will ‘follow you’ and support your business if they believe in your brand – and your brand should be a representation of you. Show the personality behind your brand and it will show your business’ uniqueness. In today’s busy world, so many people are doing the same thing so it’s important to stand out amongst the competition and create a visual story for your audience.

4. Proofread

We seriously cannot stress this enough. It’s so important to take your time when posting content whether it’s written content or visual content. Having spelling mistakes, jargon or grammatically incorrect sentences just makes your content look sloppy and it gives your brand a poor image. Take the time you need to ensure your content is correct and your audience will thank you!

5. Be actionable

If you have a campaign, promotion or even just an informative caption – make it actionable. One way to grow your audience is to make is so they have an action to engage with your content. Whether it’s sharing, commenting or liking your content, tell the audience what to do. You’ll create organic growth quickly and show up more consistently online.

6. Be helpful

A big part of the online world are ‘how to’s’ – people are looking online or interested in reading about things that relate to them and essentially helping them do the same thing. People react positively to posts that are personal and helpful to them as an individual. Whether your content relates to a recipe, struggling with something or even productivity – provide your audience with helpful content that they can take away and implement in their daily lives.

Content is on the front lines of digital marketing and a reason for success as a business. It’s important that you are creating quality content for your audience to ensure a consistent, organic growth. You don’t need to be an expert in a specific field such a graphic design, photography or copywriting to deliver strong content. Follow these steps and your content will give your brand a professional feel and grow your audience.

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