How to design a business logo that shines

09 // 11 // 2021

Every business needs a logo. It is a symbol of your company as a whole and sets the tone of your brand. Your logo is also how your current and potential customers identify you. Because of this, the design of your logo should not only look professional but also represent your brand's image and values. With the right logo, you can capture your audience’s attention and clearly communicate what you have to offer. Learn how to design a business logo that stands out amongst your competitors and captures the hearts of your target audience.

5 Tips for How to Design a Business Logo

If you’ve found yourself asking, “How do I create a professional logo for my business?” you’re not alone. Whether your company has been around for a while or you are just getting started, you need an eye-catching design to represent your brand. Follow these 5 tips to design a business logo you (and your customers) will love.

1. Understand the Purpose of Your Business Logo

The purpose of your business logo isn’t just to be aesthetically pleasing. While that is definitely a bonus, your logo does more for your business than that. In a way, it is like your company’s profile picture. It is the first impression your audience sees. The design will evoke thoughts and emotions, so it’s vital to ensure your logo is “speaking” what you want.

For example, a light bulb design could represent innovation or electricity. An apple might signify healthy living, but it also can suggest the Apple brand. The symbols, fonts, and imagery you use portray a tone and message to your audience. That is why it’s essential to look at your logo in terms of your entire brand identity. 

2. Consider Your Entire Brand Identity

Your business logo should capture the essence of your brand, but it is hard to do that if you don’t have a complete brand identity. What’s a brand identity? It is the elements of your brand that distinguish you from the rest. Brand identity includes the colours, fonts, and imagery on your website. Essentially, it is the way your business communicates its values, mission, and “personality” with your audience through design.

For example, the brand identity of a fitness studio may use bold fonts and bright colours to instill a sense of energy. In contrast, the brand identity of a therapist may use soft colours and delicate designs to instill a sense of ease and calm. Your logo should also instill your brand identity. You can learn more about what is involved in creating a custom brand identity here.

3. Choose Your Design Style 

There are so many different designs and styles you can use for your business logo. You can choose a specific image to represent your brand, have your logo simply be your company’s name in your signature font, or do a combination of both. The best way to decide how you want your logo to look is to brainstorm, research, and consider your audience. 

Brainstorm Ideas - Get your business logo ideas out of your head and onto a piece of paper. You don’t have to be a good artist to jot down sketches and begin the brainstorming process. Even a not-so-great idea can spark a new, fantastic design.  

Research Your Competition - While you definitely don’t want to copy your competitors, you can look at their logos for inspiration since they are in your industry. You can also research popular logos and brands outside of your industry. Think about well-known brands that you can identify simply by looking at their logo. What catches your eye? What stands out and why? How can you incorporate these elements into your business logo?

Consider Your Audience - How does your ideal audience describe your brand? Fun? Educational? Inspirational? What types of products or services do you offer your customers? Chiropractic adjustments? Wellness content? Yoga classes? What vibes do you want your audience to experience when interacting with your brand? Zen? Welcoming? Warm? Knowing how your audience perceives your brand (or how you want them to perceive it) can help you begin to develop design ideas for your business logo.

4. Consider the Shapes, Colours, and Fonts to Use 

Once you know the general direction of your business logo, it’s time to get specific about the colours, fonts, and shapes you’ll use. One of the benefits of creating a logo in conjunction with a complete brand identity is that those details are sorted out for you. Rather than your website font being utterly different from your logo font, they work together, so the entire design is streamlined and aesthetically pleasing for your audience.

Remember that colours hold specific meanings. For example, red symbolizes passion, green represents harmony, orange is for creativity, and blue evokes calm. Similarly, fonts capture different emotions. Bold fonts are “louder” and full of energy, whereas handwritten fonts are more subtle yet carry “personality.” Think about these things when considering the specific design elements of your business logo.

5. Determine How to Make Your Logo Idea Come to Life

Now that you know how you want to represent your brand, the next step is to bring your business logo idea to life. There are a couple of ways to do that: you can DIY or invest in a brand strategist to help you develop a complete brand identity with multiple logo designs included (I suggest the latter 😉 ). 

Hiring a brand strategist to develop your brand identity and design a business logo is the best option to present your business in a professional, inviting, cohesive manner. When a potential client or customer visits your website, sees your content on social media, or gets an email from you, they should have a streamlined experience, from your colours to your fonts to your logo and more. 

How to Design a Business Logo with the Help of a Brand Strategist and Designer

Your brand is the heart and soul of your business, and your logo is an integral part of that. You know how to design a business logo, but bringing it to life is a whole different ball game. Learn more about how custom branding can truly transform your business! Then, contact us today to chat about which service is right for you!