Productivity & Organization

Organizing your days as a business owner

24 // 10 // 2021

When you’re first starting your business, it’s helpful to create some sort of structure for your week. It doesn’t have to be anything strict (we’re definitely not trying to recreate a 9-5!) but the more efficient you can be with your time and days, the better.

You don’t want to be so scattered throughout your week that you’re only accomplishing your tasks halfway. Allotting specific days to each type of task will help you stay organized and efficient. You’ll wind up being much more productive and it’ll help with your overall business growth.

I’m going to share with you the 4 types of days every entrepreneur should have throughout their week:

Admin Day

While this might not be the most exciting day, it’s important to set aside time to get all of your administrative tasks done. Take this day to focus on tasks like: financials, scheduling, emails, following up on client work, planning out the week, and having meetings with your team. Personally, I like to schedule my Admin Day for Monday so that I can get set up for the week ahead and know exactly how everything will look.


This is something a lot of entrepreneurs don’t include in their weekly schedule, but it’s honestly the one that matters the most. A CEO Day is a day for you to actually work ON your business instead of in it. You aren’t doing admin work or client work; you’re working on your business. This means coming up with ways to grow your business and figuring out how to implement them. It’s a day for you to look at your goals, plan ahead, and create some new things for your biz.

Call Days

Having calls every single day of the week is a no-no. If you leave your schedule open all week, it means your time is in your current/future clients’ hands. This is your business and your time is important. I like to take calls on Tuesday and Thursday mornings - and that’s it. This way, I know I have time set aside for my calls and the rest of my week is dedicated to work where I’m uninterrupted.

Creative Day

This is by far the most fun day of the week! It takes a lot of brain power to be creative, so it’s important to dedicate a day for these tasks. Whether it’s filming videos, creating graphics, writing content, or doing a vision board. It’s a day for you to flex those creative muscles and work on those tasks for your business (or your clients!)

It’s important to structure your days with different types of work. It’s just not efficient to do administrative, repetitive tasks one minute, then switch over to goal setting, then start filming a reel. Your brain will not be working as optimally as it could be if these tasks were focused on wholly and fully. You need to be focused on the type of work you’re doing so that your brain stays in the zone for that type of work.

I’d love it if you shared in the comments: do you have a structure to your week? If so, what’s your favourite day?